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Bone Handled Missouri Knife
FB-037 Bone Handled Missouri Knife

MS-018 "Tacti-Caps" Spent Shell Valve Stem Caps
Gamblers Dirk - Buffalo Horn
FK-040 Gamblers Dirk - Buffalo Horn
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Knife Lore

Some Interesting Knife Lore

The knife is one of the most ancient and vital tools of humankind. There is an innate connection between its usefulness and the emotion it inspires. Everyone has fond memories of the first knife they ever owned. Childhood and teenage memories are awakened; to this day a durable, well-made pocket knife is a practical tool and loyal

Knife Etiquette and Superstition...

If you are thinking about a knife as a gift, don’t forget to ask for a “symbolic payment” in return (a penny for example), for according to superstition, the gift of a knife will sever the bonds of friendship. That‘s why it should be symbolically “bought” by the recipient. After all, we don‘t want to destroy friendships, but forge them together instead.

Never stir your coffee with your knife... "Stir with a knife, stir up strife".

Always hand a pocket knife back the way it was handed to you. If handed to you open, hand it back open. If handed to you closed, hand it back closed. 

Never close a pocket knife that wasn't opened by you.

Some believe that a knife does not belong to an individual until it has 'bit' them, or tasted their blood. Believers in such superstition may intentionally prick a finger on the blade of a knife rather than risk a later, accidental cut. According to this superstition, the knife will stay sharp longer and is less likely to accidentally cut its owner once it has tasted his or her blood.

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